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Here are the solutions for most common issues you might experience with Full Battery & Theft Alarm.


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Updated to Android 8/Oreo and noticed extra notifications?

Google have decided that all apps doing background operations must show a notification or finish the process in 5 seconds. Since Full Battery & Theft Alarm might not finish this process in 5 seconds it show notification.

However, if you have Android 8 you would also see a notification. This due to changes Android 8 brought and cannot be avoided.

You would also see "Waiting battery information" notifications because Full Battery & Theft Alarm needs to be started on boot or after it is closed by the system. We had to add intermediate notification to workaround Android 8 limitations related to background operations.


Why permissions?

It may look simple but Full Battery & Theft Alarm is a very advanced app. It has many features that require many permissions.

For example:
It requires user email address because it is using the e-mail address for theft alarm recovery system. You can see it while setting up theft alarm password.

It requires storage access, which called Photos and Videos on Android so you can select external ringtones from your sdcard. Beside this Full Battery & Theft Alarm needs this permission to save log file and application settings backup/restore.

It requires location access for ad localization. You can see more specific ads if you give this permission.

There is nothing malicious about permissions requested by Full Battery & Theft Alarm.


Full Battery & Theft Alarm closes after a while

This is currently the most common issue we hear from our users.

System power managers
Most manufacturers added some sort of power management to their phones. Power managers close 3rd party apps like Full Battery & Theft Alarm.
You need to keep Full Battery & Theft Alarm Battery Percentage notification on to prevent it from being closed.
Unfortunately, even notification does not help on some phones. Please see this article explaining how to add an application to excluded list of your phone's power manager. Examples for ACR application.

Battery or memory saving apps
Other culprit are Battery saving and memory cleaning apps.
Android does not need battery manager app, they cause more harm than good. Remove any battery or memory cleaner apps.

Clenaning recent apps
Another issue is cleaning recent apps by swiping them away. You are removing apps form the cache and forcing Android to recreate them on next lunch. Therefore causing more battery drain. You do not need remove recent apps.


Full Battery & Theft Alarm doesn't start automatically when connect to charger

Please see "Full Battery & Theft Alarm closes after a while" topic.


Full Battery & Theft Alarm doesn't work when battery is fully charged

Please see "Full Battery & Theft Alarm closes after a while" topic.
Please check your ringtone. If you select a specific ringtone from your sdcard, check storage permission. Full Battery & Theft Alarm needs this permission to play external ringtones.
If you select "Actual full battery" alarm level, be sure your device reach to actual full battery level. For example, on Samsung phones, you can see green led notification light when reach to actual full battery level.


Low Battery Alarm doesn't work

Please see "Full Battery & Theft Alarm closes after a while" topic.
Low battery alarm only works while your screen is OFF. When your device battery level reach to low battery alarm level, if you screen is ON you will see only a notification about low battery alarm. This system have developed to prevent user interruptions.


Do you have any other issue?

Contact us from within Full Battery & Theft Alarm settings menu by tapping on "Send Error Report" button if you cannot find any solution.

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